Into the DesertEdit



Sires: A Sand's Heart Series

Status: Just Started

Allegiances: LightningClan, ShadeClan, BreezeClan, StreamClan
Precceding: None
Secceding: Sand and Water
Spellcheckers: None
Sandkit just meet her love of her life but she doesn't know he is evil.


A dark brown tom with amber eyes walk over towards a ginger tom with amber eyes.

The brown tom said, "Hello, Flame."

Flame mewed, "Hello, Tigerthorn."

Tigerthorn said, "How is Maple?"

Flame said, "Good, so may I join your clan?"

Tigerthorn said, "Yes."

Brindleclaw just gave brith to two kits and she yowled and gave brith to a final she-cat. Redheart walk into the nursey.

Brindleclaw mewed, "The she-cat will be Sandkit, the brown dusty tom will be Dustkit, and the black tom will be Volekit."

That's then a StreamClan cat appears and takes Volekit, then left. Sandkit open her eyes and they were green eyes that sparkle in the sun light. Dustkit had amber eyes.

Chapter 1: Sandkit's POVEdit

I walk over to my bestfriends Greykit, Ravenkit, other Dustkit, and my brother Dustkit playing kick the moss ball, when Tigerthorn came in with a ginger tom with amber eyes.

Robinclaw asked, "Tigerthorn, I will take care of the kit."

I heard a snarl from Dustkit and my brother Dustkit, "He is a kittypet though."

I roll my eyes at my friends. Morningglow, came in with her three kits. Pumakit, Lynxkit, and Shadekit.

Lynxkit said, "New kitten we can play with brothers."

Pumakit roll his eyes. I saw my mother heading out of the camp, I wonder why.

Brindleclaw's POVEdit

I walk towards StreamClan's Border, I was going to see Riverstar. I waited and I saw a silver flash and saw Berrysplash playing with a black kitten. The kitten looks like Volekit. I waited for Riverstar to come and saw my father coming to get the two cats. That's then Brownstar came over to me.

Brownstar asked, "What's wrong sis?"

I said, "Riverstar might've cheated on me."

He mewed, "I'm sorry but he did."

I started to cry and whimpered, "Why would he do that?"

He said, "I don't know sis."

I walk home siently with my brother. I so mad.

Chapter 2: Sandkit's POV Edit

I saw my mom coming in with Brownstar.