Unexpected WelcomeEdit



Status: Just Started

All Benders Sires

Allegiances: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, All Benders Group Republic City Citizens, and Equalist.
Precceding: None
Secceding: The Fight
Spellcheckers: None
Katniss and her group has arrive and went to see a pro bending tourment.


Katniss, Gale, and Troy walk back from partoling and saw many dead benders. Troy ran towards his parents. Gale ran towards his father.

Troy yowled, "No Master Luke and Lucy."

Gale whimpered, "Reed."

Katniss look aound and saw Cato and Clove still alive.

Katniss told everyone, "We will be leaving."

A boy said, "What about the dead benders and our ansectors."

Katniss said, "They will follow us I promise and I know the place we will be going."

They teleported to Republic City.

Chapter 1: The City: Katniss's POVEdit

I walk around the forest and my fire den when I heard.

"Come on Mako lets explore." "No Bolin it might." "Oh brother really you guys lets just go in the forest." "Korra agrees with me." "What if Equallist are in there." "I'm not afraid of them we have Korra with us." "Oh k lets get in the forest."

I ran towards center of our village to see Gale and Clove waiting for Troy. I saw Cato already getting everyone safe and sound in their dens.

I said, "I need Troy, Gale, and Cato to come with me for border patrol."

I ran with my friends towards the forest border to see. Oh no, my old boyfriend Mako, his brother Bolin and a girl I don't know.

I yowled, "Attack All Benders."

We attack I was attacking a boy with red eyes.